Cross Hatch Cutter
Cross Hatch Cutter
Complies with International Standards
BS 3900 E6 DIN EN ISO NF 2409

The Cross Hatch Cutter allows an assessment to be made of the adhesion resistance of coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating and penetrates through to the substrate.

The coating thickness determines the Cutter size used. The 1mm Cutter is suitable for coatings under 60 microns. The 2mm Cutter is suitable for coatings over 60 microns.

Simple operation, each Cross Hatch Cutter has 6 cutting blades spaced either lmm or 2mm apart. Make one cutting pass through to the substrate. This makes 6 cuts in the coating. A second pass at 90° makes a square lattice pattern. Apply Adhesive Tape over the cut lattice section and within 5 minutes remove the Tape. Classify the cut area with the Viewing Lens according to the relevant national standard classification guide.

Multiple coatings can be tested for the assessment of the resistance to separation of individual layers of the coating from each other.

The hardened tool steel cutting blades are precision-ground with 6 cutting sides, so that when one cutting side becomes blunt there are a further 5 cutting sides to use.

Supplied in a Foam-Filled Carrying Case with Adhesion Test Tape 50mm and a x3 Illuminated Magnifier.

Cross Hatch Cutter Specifications :-

Part No Cutter Size Metric Cutter Size Imperial Coating Thickness Number of Teeth Conformance Cert Part No
X2001 1mm 40mils Under 60μm 6 NXC01
X2002 2mm 80mils Over 60μm 6 NXC01
XS001 Spare Cutter Head 1mm (40mils) NXC01
XS002 Spare Cutter Head 2mm (80mils) NXC01
XA001 Adhesion Test Tape 25mm (1”) 60m Roll (ISO2409) NXC03
XA002 Spare Adhesion Test Tape 50mm (2”) 60m Roll (ISO2409) NXC03

Evaluation :-

Apply the Adhesive Tape over the lattice section, and within 5 minutes of application remove by pulling the free end steadily within 1 second at an angle as close as possible to 60°.

Carefully examine the cut area of the coating using the x3 Illuminated Magnifier. Classify the cut area according to the relevant National Standard classification guide.

The following classification guide is given as an approximate information guide only (refer to the appropriate National Standard for the precise classification):

ASTM 5B: The edges of the cuts are completely smooth. None of the squares of the lattice is cut.

ASTM 4B: Small flakes of the coating are detached at intersections. Less than 5% of the area is affected.

ASTM 3B: Small flakes of the coating are detached along the edges and at intersections of cuts. The area affected is 5% to 15% of the lattice.

ASTM 2B: The coating has flaked along the edges and on parts of the squares. The area affected is 15% to 35% of the lattice.

ASTM 1B: The coating has flaked along the edges of cuts in large ribbons and whole squares have detached. The area affected is 35% to 65% of the lattice.

ASTM 0B: Flaking and detachment worse than grade 1B.


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