Pin Hole Detecter
Pin Hole Detecter
Complies with International Standards
ISO 8289-A ASTM G62-A
ISO14654 NACE RP 0188
BS 7793-2 NACE TM0384
ASTM D 5162-A JIS K 6766
ASTM G6 AS 3894.2
The Pinhole Detector is a multi-voltage Pinhole Detector that uses the wet sponge principle to detect through-pinholes, cracks and damaged areas on non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates. These flaws would eventually lead to corrosion and premature failure of the coating. Operation is by a wet sponge, moistened with a wetting agent, being moved over the coating. The wetting agent penetrates any pinhole and makes a conductive path through to the substrate. The Pinhole Detector detects this conductive path and indicates that a pinhole has been detected by sounding an audible alarm and giving a visual warning by a red flashing indicator. The flaw can now be marked for repair and further testing can be resumed.

The Pinhole Detector has test voltages of 9 Volts, 67.5 Volts and 90 Volts, which are easily selectable. Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra.

Supplied in a Industrial Foam-Filled Carrying Case with 150mm Broad Sponge Assembly and 5m Earth Cable.

Part No. Range Maximum Test Thickness Accuracy Sponge Size
9V 67.5V 90V
S3002 9V / 67.5V / 90V 300μm
1% 150 x 100 x 30mm


Pinhole Detector  Accessories:
Part No. Product Size Metric Size Imperial Extension Size Information
SA002 Extension Rod 500mm 20"   To extend Sponges for applications where a long reach is required.
SA003 Extension Rod 1000mm 40"    
SA601 Circular Sponge and Assembly 50mm 2" 200mm / 8" Circular Sponges for the testing of internal diameter of pipes.
SA602 Circular Sponge and Assembly 100mm 4" 200mm / 8"    
SA701 Flat Sponge and Assembly 200mm 8" 200mm / 8" For coatings on large flat areas.
SA102 Earth Cable 10m     Larger testing area Earth Cables.


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