Dry Abraser Taber

Dry Abraser Taber            

Dry Abraser Taber 

Improved Rotary Platform Abraser 

Taber Abrasers are durable, precision-built instruments designed to perform accelerated wear tests on a variety of specimens. These include solid materials, painted, lacquered, electro-plated surfaces, plastic-coated materials, textiles, metals, leather, rubber and linoleum. 

Materials are subjected to the wear action of two abrasive wheels at a known load. This wear action results when the abrasive wheels are rotated in opposite directions by a turntable on which the specimen material is mounted. The abrading wheels travel on the material about a horizontal axis displaced tangentially from the axis of the test material which results in a sliding action. An exclusive feature of the Taber Abraser is an “X” pattern of abrasion, produced by the rotary rub-wear action of the wheels. 

The wear pattern formed is that of two intersecting areas or a slightly curved herringbone configuration from the outside to the center, and from the center to the outside of the specimen. An area of 30 square centimeters is subjected to test and a complete circle on the material surface is abraded at all angles of grain or weave. 

Taber Abrasers Model 5135 or 5155 offer the following standard features: 

Specimen turntable speed control options of both 60 rpm and 72 rpm. 

Easy-to-use operator interface that includes tactile feel buttons and a four line digital display. 

Simple on-screen instructions allow the operator to change the test parameters via the MENU button. 

An internal memory stores the settings. 

A vacuum system is included and is critical for the proper operation of the instrument. The vacuum nozzle(s) is hinged to an adjustable mounting at the rear of the housing. A precision vacuum nozzle adjustment control allows the height to be modified for accommodating varying specimen thickness. 

Precision stainless steel weights of 250 grams and 750 grams are furnished to provide standard wheel loads of 500 and 1000 grams. Weights are marked to show total load on each wheel. This marking includes the weight of the abrading arm (250 grams). 

A Quick Release Mounting Hub permits quick wheel mounting without the need of a locking nut, increased clearance for the vacuum pick-up nozzle and a larger viewing area for the test specimen. A beveled retaining nut provides a positive locking force on the wheel hub retaining lip making certain that the wheels remain securely fastened until disengaged. 

Assembled in sturdy, sealed aluminium housing. 

Referenced in numerous international test standards and specifications. Simple to operate, this instrument has been accepted worldwide as a standard for wear and abrasion research, quality and process control, materials evaluation, and product development. Taber Rotary Abrasers are capable of providing reliable data in a matter of minutes, compared to the years that may be required with in-use testing. 

Test a wide range of products. The Taber Abraser can be used to test virtually any flat specimen. Its field of application has included tests of: painted, lacquered, powder coated, and electroplated surfaces; textile fabrics ranging from sheer silks to heavy upholstery and carpeting; and solid materials such as metals, stone and ceramics. Other materials include paper, glass, plastics, leather, rubber, linoleum, laminates, plus many others. 


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