Density Balance
Density  Balance

Standard Density Balances

Density Balances offers exactly right performance and convenient features that you need to accomplish for the most sophisticated weighing tasks. you can weigh just about anything from really light weight samples to heavy weight objects and if you want to do more than "Basic Weighing"the 7 application Programs will let you easily perform the following:

  • ◆ Piece Counting.
  • ◆ Percentage (%} weighing.
  • ◆ Check Weighing.
  • ◆ Filling.
  • ◆ Statistics.
  • ◆ Recipe.
  • ◆ Density measurement for solid and liquid (With optional Eqp. & software.
  • ◆ Fully Automatic Internal Calibration with various Following Features.Enable user for highly perfect and precise weighing.
  • ◆ Self according to change in the ambient temperature.
  • ◆ User selected TIME Calibration.
Standard Features:-
  • ◆ Easy to read Large backlite GRAPHICAL LCD display with A.E.P(Advanced Eye protection)(NEW).
  • ◆ Standard RS 232C Interface Ps/2 output.
  • ◆ Hanger for Below Balance weighing.
  • ◆ Fully automatic internal Calibration with built in weight
  • ◆ Complies GLP/GMP.
  • ◆ Dye cast aluminium design for long term stability and accurate results.
  • ◆ Various weighing units like,mg,ct,oz,dwt,mon,GN.
  • ◆ User selectable Stability and filter level Spacious draft shield interior.
  • ◆ Improved Repeatability For better Results.

Technical Specification:-

MODEL CX 304 CX 204 CX 104 CX 64
Capacity 300 gm 220 gm 120 gm 60 gm
Readability 0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.1 mg
Repeatability (sd) 0.2 mg 0.1 mg 0.1 mg 0.1 mg
Linearity (+/-) 0.3 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg
Pan Size (mm / inch) 90Ø / 3.5”Ø
Response Time 2 - 3 Sec
Display Alpha Numeric LCD Display
Calibration Motorised External Calibration
Units of Measure g, mg, ct, GN, mo, oz, dwt etc.
Rate Range Full
Operating Temp. + 10º to 40ºC
Sensitivity Drift. ± 2ppm (2 x 10-6 / ºC)
Minimum Sample Wt. as per USP Approx 100 to 150mg
Application Modes PCS, % Weighing, Animal / Dynamic Weighing, Check Weighing
Automatic Density, Determination.
Power Supply A/C Adaptor 230V or 115V / +/-20% 50-60Hz
Compliance ISO, GLP / GMP USP Compliance
Housing Dim. (MxDxH) 340 mm x 212 mm x 340 mm
Weight Approx 9.3 kg / 20 lb

Density kit:-

Determining the density of solids and liquids is an inseparable part of work of the laboratories . Traditional method of density determination requires from the operator many measurements and a lot of complex calculation. In result the operator ends with a density determination result which can be saddled with calculation and systematic errors. Additionally time that needs to be devoted to density calculation is long. In case of determining the density of solids and liquids with application of density determination kit, the whole procedure is very much simplified and speeded up. Time till the operator receives the density measurement is very short, as all the calculation is performed by the software of the weighing instrument, and operator’s activities is limited to:

  • ◆ Operation of the keyboard of weighing instrument.
  • ◆ Placing the samples on the weighing pans of the kit.
  • ◆ Hanging the plunger.
  • ◆ Density determination kit is additional equipment offered to laboratory balances. The software for determination of density has following basic features:
  • ◆ Simplicity of usage (all activities are described on the display of the balance).
  • ◆ Reliability (all calculation is automatically performed by the balance’s software).
  • ◆ Fast data processing (result is obtained after determination of sample mass in water or plunger mass in liquid).
  • ◆ Accurate data processing (before every measurement of mass, display indication is automatically zeroed, this proves the density determination result to be reliable and real).
  • ◆ Beaker base.
  • ◆ Pans suspension.
  • ◆ Plunger.
  • ◆ Beaker.
  • ◆ Thermometer holder.
  • ◆ Thermometer.
  • ◆ Plunger string.
  • ◆ Hook.
  • ◆ Upper pan of the set for density determination of solids.
  • ◆ Pan string.
  • ◆ Lower pan of the set for density determination of solids.
  • ◆ Additional weight.
  • ◆ Additional stand for set of pans or plunger.


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