Multilight Colour Maching Cabinet
Multilight Colour Maching Cabinet


Rigged Construction colour matching booth is suitable to visually compare the colour shades by stimulating different lighting condition & obtain an objective assessment of Colours. Suitable for Paint, ink, coating, fabric colour comparison in laboratory.

The importance of proper lighting for colour matching need not be emphasized due to the phenomenon of Metamerism samples appear to match in one illuminated and mismatch in other illuminants.

Scan-O-Lite offers you consistency in illumination, whether it is in the day or night or whether you are examining colour in your factory, office or at the customers end.

Immediate visual check for metamerism, fluorescent pigments and strength of optical brighteners etc.

  • ◆ Anytime, Anywhere with different light source.
  • ◆ Equipped with Imported Filters, Individual Light Switches.
  • ◆ Powder coated construction.
  • ◆ Resettable Timer etc. (Optional).

Scan-O-Lite SIIN-1020 (2 Ft.) SIIN-1010 (1 Ft.)
Dimensions Outer 
Viewing area
30in x 24in x 30in
20in x 19in x 25in
14in x 13in x 14in
12in x 11in x 09in
Colour of Cabinet: Gray
Neutral Gray
Light Sources:
Showroom Illumination TL84
Daylight D65
Incandescent Light A
Ultraviolet Light UV
Cool White Fluorescent CWF


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