Impact Tester
Impact Tester


This simple to use gauge is ideal for evaluating the resistance of a coating to impact (elongation, cracking or peeling).

Tester has gained wide acceptance in testing the impact resistance of many types of coatings from paints to varnish to tough plated, plastic or laminated coatings.

There are two test methods: either a weight with a hemispherical punch attached falls on a coated metal sheet or a weight falls on to a hemispherical punch which is resting on the coated metal sheet.

The test specimen is fixed into position by the quick release clamp. The weight is lifted to the predetermined height and can be set by the adjustable collar device. The weight is then released and the resulting deformation is observed.

The pass/fail height or force to failure can be determined on the tube scale.


  • ◆ Sturdy construction & Heavy-duty passivated base plate and anodised arm for long life.
  • ◆ Graduated tube with engraved markings in both kg-c and lb-inch.
  • ◆ Quick, safe weight release mechanism.
  • ◆ Easy clamping & depth adjustment (DIN EN ISO).
  • ◆ The Impact Tester comes as one universal assembly.

Technical Parameters:

  • ◆ Height:0~100mm (0~40in).
  • ◆ Weight:1.8Kg.
  • ◆ Diameter of punch:15.9mm (0.625in).
  • ◆ Diameter of die:die 16.3mm (0.64in).
  • ◆ Overall dimensions:300×240×1400mm.
  • ◆ Instrument net weight:18kg.

Conforms To ISO6272, ASTM D2794, D3029, D4226.


To test the impact endurance of coating material (after coated). 
The coating face of specimen face up, connect with specified radius "Impact Head", use a certain "Weight" to impact the "Impact Head" on a fixed height, after impacted, check the damage of coating or deformation. 
To do an impacting test for painting and coating materials is to use an impacting head with various round angles to touch the specimen in the beginning, and then a selected weight free dropping from a certain height to hit the impacting head to impact the specimen. 

Running the same way to test three more specimens, and put and leave them for an hour, and then watch if there is crack on the painting.

This impact testing machine is for realizing the resistibility of coatings to the effect of rapid impact.

Technical Parameters:

  • ◆ Impact height:  100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 MM.
  • ◆ Weight: 300g, 500g, 1000g, each 1 pc.
  • ◆ Impact head and fixing base: HAVING SPHERICAL ENDS WITH RADII OF 3.5, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5 M.M. (each one set).
  • ◆ Dimension: 48X45X78 cm.
  • ◆ Weight: 45 kg.

Conforms To ASTM D2794, JIS K5400, CNS 10756.


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