Washability (Wet) Abrasion


Wet Abrasion Tester (Washability Tester) Touch Screen Control

These robust, reliable and extremely versatile machines have been designed for testing the abrasion, washability, brushability and resistance of a wide range of materials including paint, lacquers, inks, coatings, leather, wood, plastics, printed material, fabrics etc. 

Paint often becomes soiled especially near doorways, windows, and in work and play areas. Coated surfaces need to be tested for resistance to abrasion caused by a brush, sponge, or other means. The Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester can produce a repeatable, controlled condition to simulate everyday use or wear patterns. 


 Big LCD Touch Screen Operation. 

 Running speed can be set.

 Quickly and easily to load and unload testing samples and replacing abrasion head.

 Two brush holders for side by side testing.

 Testing fluid flow is controlled by peristaltic pump.

The pump may be switched on or off during the course of testing, and the flow can be adjusted for precise dosing.


Technical Parameter: 

 Scrub Rate : 37 ± 1 Cycles / min.

 Maximum Setting of Times : 9999.

 Test Panel Thickness : 0-25 mm.

 Specification of brush: Nylon brush bristles in 5/4 pattern extending 19mm from block.

 Stroke Length:300mm

 Stroke speed :5~95 times/min (adjustable)

 Size of test plate: 430×150×0.03mm

 Power of motor:25W

 Power:110V~220V;50/60 Hz


CONFORMS TO ASTM D2486ASTM D 3450ASTM D 4213ASTMD 4828DIN EN 11330EN ISO 11998 etc. 

AS/NZS 1580.459.1, ASTM D 2486, ASTM D 3450, ASTM D 4213, ASTM D 4488, ASTM D 4828, ASTM F 1319, DIN 53778-2:1983, ,EN 12956, EN 13523-11, EN 233/C3.2-A, EN 233/C3.2-B, EN 233/C3.2-C, EN 60730-1-A, GME 60269, ISO 105-X12, JIS K 5600-4-7, ISO 11998, PSA D45 1010, SSPC PA 2, US Navy PPI 63101-000, US Navy NSI 009-32 

Ordering Information:

1)BEVS 2805 Wet scrub tester (standard model)
   Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 500 gm, 2 brushes with natural bristle.

2)BEVS 2805 / 1 Wet abrasion scrub tester (DIN-53778)
    Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 250 gm, 2 brushes with natural bristle.

3)BEVS 2805 / 2 Wet abrasion scrub tester (ASTM D 2486)
   Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 454 gm, 2 nylon brushes, 2 rubber pads with 12.7 x 0.25 mm brass shim.

4)BEVS 2805 / 3 Wet scrub tester (ASTM D 3450)
    Carriage assembly with pump, applied weight 1500 gm, 2 sponges.

Optional Accessories: 

Special Brush Black Plastic Panel 

1045---Abrasive pad (3M Scotch Brite handpads)
              (ISO 11998;Size--- 90.39mm; Pack of 50)
1364---Special nylon brush (ASTM D 2486;1 pair)
2355---Brass Shim (432.;1 pair)
2208---Black plastic panel (432.165.0.25mm;pack of 100)

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