Holiday Tester
Holiday Tester

Holiday Detector                                                                              Paint Test Equipment – UK

Complies with International Standards:
ISO 2746 DIN 55670
ISO 29601 NACE RP0274
BS 1344-11 NACE SP0188
ASTM C 536 NACE SP0490
ASTM C 537 JIS K 6766
ASTM D 4787 AS 3894.1
ASTM D 5162-B EN 14430

The Holiday Detector is a DC Holiday Tester that tests and detects pinholes and flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates. Where coatings have to provide an effective safeguard against corrosion, it is essential that any pinholes or flaws that will eventually lead to corrosion are detected at the earliest possible stage, preferably immediately after the coating application.

Operation is by a test voltage being applied to the coating by moving a brush electrode across the surface and where there is either a pinhole or flaw, the voltage will spark through the coating, a red indicator will flash and an audible alarm will sound. The detected flaw can be marked for subsequent repair, and testing resumed for the remaining surface area.
The Holiday Detector is a compact and lightweight instrument, which can easily be carried by the operator with the supplied Neck Strap.

The test voltage is of high impedance, allowing for safe testing, and does not damage or cause burn marks to the coating.

Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra. 

Coatings on concrete as well as steel and iron substrates can be tested.

All models are supplied in a Industrial Foam-Filled Carrying Case with High Voltage Probe, Band Brush, Earth Cable and Neck Strap.

Holiday Detector Specifications:
Part No Range Approximate Maximum Test Thickness Resolution Accuracy Cal Cert Part No
S4001 0.5–6kV 1500μm (60mils) 0.01kV ±1% NS001
S4002 1–20kV 5000μm (200mils) 0.1kV ±1% NS001
S4003 1–30kV 7500μm (300mils) 0.1kV ±1% NS001


Holiday Detector Accessories:
Part No. Product Size Metric Size Imperial Extension Size Information
SA002 Extension Rod 500mm 20"   To extend electrodes for applications where a long reach is required.
SA003 Extension Rod 1000mm 40"  
SA502 Broad Brush 45° Angle 200mm 8" 200mm / 8" Brass-filled Brushes for the testing of coatings on large flat areas.
SA503 Broad Brush 45° Angle 500mm 20" 200mm / 8"
SA505 Conductive Rubber 180° In Line 200mm 8" 200mm / 8" Conductive Rubber Electrodes for the testing of coatings on large flat areas.
SA515 Conductive Rubber 180° In Line 450mm 18" 200mm / 8"
SA506 Conductive Rubber Right Angle 200mm 8" 200mm / 8"
SA507 Conductive Rubber Right Angle 450mm 18" 200mm / 8"
SA302 Circular Brush and Assembly 51mm 2" 200mm / 8" Brass-filled Circular Brushes for the testing of coatings on the internal diameter of pipes.
All Brushes come complete with the connector assembly
SA303 Circular Brush and Assembly 76mm 3" 200mm / 8"
SA304 Circular Brush and Assembly 102mm 4" 200mm / 8"
SA306 Circular Brush and Assembly 152mm 6" 200mm / 8"
SA308 Circular Brush and Assembly 203mm 8" 200mm / 8"
SA310 Circular Brush and Assembly 254mm 10" 200mm / 8"
SA312 Circular Brush and Assembly 305mm 12" 200mm / 8"
SA404 Rolling Spring 102mm 4" Order SA490 3/4" phosphor bronze Rolling Spring for the testing of coatings on the external diameter of pipes.
All Rolling Springs require the SA490 Rolling Spring Connector Assembly. One assembly can be used on multiple Rolling Springs.
The SA491 Rolling Spring Pusher Assembly is suitable for larger Rolling Springs, to assist the travel of the spring along the pipe.
SA406 Rolling Spring 152mm 6" Order SA490
SA408 Rolling Spring 203mm 8" Order SA490
SA410 Rolling Spring 254mm 10" Order SA490
SA412 Rolling Spring 305mm 12" Order SA490
SA414 Rolling Spring 356mm 14" Order SA490
SA416 Rolling Spring 406mm 16" Order SA490
SA418 Rolling Spring 457mm 18" Order SA490
SA420 Rolling Spring 508mm 20" Order SA490
SA424 Rolling Spring 610mm 24" Order SA490
SA430 Rolling Spring 762mm 30" Order SA490
SA436 Rolling Spring 914mm 36" Order SA490
SA442 Rolling Spring 1067mm 42" Order SA490
SA448 Rolling Spring 1220mm 48" Order SA490
SA490 Rolling Spring Connector Assembly     200mm / 8"
SA491 Rolling Spring Pusher Assembly     200mm / 8"
SA101 Earth Cable 10m     Larger testing area Earth Cable.
SS001 Spare Band Brush Probe 150mm 6"    


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